Company profile

Founded in 2019, it is a company focusing on visual solutions, aiming to solve the problems of low product processing accuracy and poor product processing quality in automobile industry and general industrial production process.

The main founders of the company are Cai Guocai and Sha Jianjun.

Cai Guocai

Since 2012, he has been engaged in visual positioning guidance and product quality inspection in the automotive industry. He has worked in Isra, VMT, kehuili and other mainstream visual suppliers in the automotive industry. He is very familiar with the customer needs of mainstream automobile factories such as Beijing Benz, Shenyang BMW, FAW Volkswagen, SAIC Volkswagen, SAIC GM, etc., and is very familiar with the existing visual solutions We understand that the purpose of creating Xinke video is to break the monopoly state of foreign companies in the automobile industry.

Sha Jianjun

Doctor, associate professor, School of intelligent science and engineering, Harbin Engineering University, mainly engaged in image processing, machine vision, intelligent control research. He graduated from the Institute of aerospace information, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He has successively carried out research and development of target detection and recognition technology and intelligent robot system in the Military Simulation Research Institute for more than 10 years, supported and participated in more than 20 major scientific research projects, won 6 provincial and ministerial level scientific research awards, and obtained more than dozens of papers and patents. He has a series of core technologies and rich engineering development experience in automatic target recognition, vision system positioning measurement, robot control, etc.