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Tiantiangai refers to a kind of box style, which needs to be placed accurately on the corresponding position of the ground cover. Tiandi Gai is widely used in various packaging industries such as cigarettes, medicines, daily necessities, handicrafts, mobile phones, etc.
At present, most packaging companies rely on assembly line workers to fit the ceiling and floor cover through eyes. The problems they face are as follows:

• Low efficiency of paste box

• Poor real-time performance

• Affected by subjective factors

system function:Through the camera to quickly locate the ground cover, guide the manipulator to place the roof cover accurately at the designated position of the ground cover, so as to realize fast box placement.

system composition:Industrial camera, industrial computer, SCARA manipulator system

positioning accuracy:±0.2mm

Wide range of application

Compatible with single camera and dual camera mode, it can meet almost all sizes of boxes on the market.
Size range:

Quick product replacement

Grab the product and save it as a folder. When switching products, just open the new folder.
New product warehousing time:

Calibration is quick

According to the operation manual, operate on the system interface, without relying on human eyes to correct the product posture.
Calibration time:

Automatic deviation compensation

When the new product is put into storage, the system will automatically calculate the deviation compensation value of the template, which saves the operator to gather the compensation value.


cigarette case




Mobile phone box


Gift box